Accident Information

  • STOP immediately, but do not block traffic.
  • Call 911 immediately if you or anyone at the scene is injured.
  • Call a Law Enforcement Officer to come to the accident scene and make a report. If an officer cannot come to the accident, go to the nearest law enforcement station to file a counter report. Always cooperate with law enforcement officers - they are working in your best interest to document what exactly what happened.  
  • Protect yourself by filing a report even if the other party leaves the scene or fails to report the accident. Penalties for "hit-and-run" accidents are quite severe in some states. 
  • Do not discuss the accident facts with anyone except the officer and your own insurance representative (either your independent agent or Capitol Insurance Company).  People sometimes are so “shaken-up” by an accident that we give information that is inaccurate or can be twisted by others for there own best interest.
  • Record the names of all witnesses, if any. They can be very important in determining fault, and will help us to best determine your coverage. Make certain to do this before leaving the scene of the accident, then provide the information to your agent or to a Capitol Insurance Company Claims Representative. 
  • Promptly report any accident to your agent or to directly to Capitol Insurance Company as quickly as possible, so an investigation can be started.

Unfortunately, Accidents Happen!
If you have an accident or just have a question regarding your policy, you can either call your agent or contact us directly. We have you covered!


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